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Primary C.S.P.A. contacts:

Bev Sninchak
Founder and Team Lead

Paul Sninchak
Co-founder and Team Lead



Welcome to Paranormal Colorado Springs

* Established October 2005

* Celebrating nearly a decade of service to the community!*

*Serving Colo. Springs, Denver, Canon City, Pueblo & areas up to two hours away*

* Official ICPIR affiliate *

* Over 100 investigations conducted *


Hi, we're Bev & Paul. We are co-leaders for the Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (C.S.P.A.)SM, an affiliate of the International Community for Paranormal Investigation and Research (ICPIR). By day, I'm a professional author and Paul's a professional illustrator & videographer. We're life partners in our work and in our interests. By night, we are fascinated by the paranormal or, as we call it, the supernormal. We're geeks, techies and bibliophiles. We are also serious about investigating and researching paranormal phenomena. We volunteer our time, equipment and services on behalf of the community and those who are experiencing situations/events that are unexplained or as-yet explained.

The Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA)SM is an affiliate of the International Community for Paranormal Investigation and Research (ICPIR). We first applied for membership in ICPIR 11/15/04. CSPA, officially established in 2005, was first a chapter of ICPIR, then later became an autonomous ICPIR affiliate in 2006.

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA)SM conducts investigations and research into claims of paranormal phenonmena primarily through the use of scientific methods supplemented by intuitive means.

Our research tools and methods include -- but may not be limited to -- the use of photography, audio/video recordings, and environmental monitors.

Following an investigation, we analyze the results of the data collected using various computer programs as well as one-on-one personal analysis and corroboration/input from additional experts in the field.

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA) is a volunteer-only, non-profit group. For more information, or answers to specific questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please note: C.S.P.A. is not connected with, nor do we support, endorse or agree with, any positions put forth by any other groups or individuals working in the paranormal field. If anyone approaches you and claims we support their hypotheses or theories in relation to the paranormal, we ask that you notify us immediately. Our members are clearly listed on the website. Anyone who claims to be a member, but who is not listed on the site, is therefore not a member of our group and cannot speak for C.S.P.A. In addition, we do not handle cases dealing with cryptozoology and/or UFOs.


Bev & Paul Sninchak, Co-founders and Team Leads

General e-mail contact: scribequill@gmail.com


*C.S.P.A. NEWS -- Past and Present*

+ July 26, 2008 - C.S.P.A. is featured in an article published in The Gazette newspaper:
Chasing shadows - Local association hunts for ghosts


+ September 28-October 26, 2008 - C.S.P.A. teams up with KIBT 96.1 The Beat for a month-long series of Spook Sessions.

+ October 30-October 31, 2008 - C.S.P.A. teams up with KKTV 11 News for an overnight investigation of the Pioneer Museum to be broadcast LIVE on the KKTV website.

+ April 2009 - C.S.P.A. featured in Real Ghosts documentary by Jeff Smith.

+ May 2009 - C.S.P.A. teams up with KOAA 5/30 to investigate Onaledge B & B

+ June 2009 - KOAA 5/30 airs segment on C.S.P.A.'s investigation of Onaledge B & B

+ July 2009 - C.S.P.A. launches Inside Paranormal Colorado Springs podcast on BlogTalkRadio .
Tune in Sunday nights at 9 p.m. Mountain!

+ October 2009 - C.S.P.A. featured on KKTV 11 Halloween segment

+ October 2009 - C.S.P.A. Team Leads invited as VIP guests by Briarhurst Manor historians at premier of Ghost Hunters Oct. 28 episode

+ December 2009 - EVP clips by C.S.P.A. featured on Coast to Coast AM nationwide radio program, hosted by Art Bell

+ April 2010 - C.S.P.A. Founder Bev Sninchak appears on ZTalkRadio's Paradigm Shift

+ September 2010 C.S.P.A. Founder Bev Sninchak appears on ZTalk Radio's Paradigm Shift



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