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Primary C.S.P.A. contacts:

Bev Sninchak
Founder and Team Lead

Paul Sninchak
Co-founder and Team Lead

About Colorado Springs Paranormal AssociationSM

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Colorado Springs Paranormal Association - C.S.P.A.SM
The group was established in 2005 by Bev Walton-Porter (now Bev Sninchak). 
Team Leads: Bev and Paul Sninchak
Tech Mgr: Paul Sninchak
We currently have 20+ members. On a typical investigation, we use four to six, depending on the location's size. We have used up to 12 at one time for an extremely large location.
We deal with each case according what each individual client's needs and beliefs are. A client who is an atheist requires a different approach than one who is a strict Christian. Going into an atheist's house with holy water and crucifixes isn't respectful to a person who doesn't adhere to that belief system. We have to remain sensitive about that. Hence, our reason for such a religiously-diverse investigation group.
Our membership includes: Atheists, Agnostics, Christians, Taoists, Pagans (Wiccans), and Buddhists.
Our membership includes: a veteran police officer, a therapist, business owners, an author, a professional videographer, editors, two photographers, IT specialists, and an accreditated public relations specialist, among others. Again, we are a diverse group. We aim for diversity within our ranks so we can better serve the community at large.
Our members have advanced education and degrees in a variety of fields, including physics, anthropology, communication, psychology, religion, philosophy, music therapy, electrical engineering and history.
We prefer to approach things from a scientific, rational approach. We look for mundane explanations first and foremost, then deal with what's leftover that we can't explain. Some of us believe quantum physics may explain instances of the paranormal.
We have conducted over 100 investigations thus far.
We have been an affiliate of ICPIR - The Int'l Community for Paranormal Investigation and Research ( since 2005.
We serve clients within a two-hour radius of Colorado Springs, Colorado.
Eighty percent of our cases are personal residences.
We are not open for membership, and we have a long waiting list.
We use EMF detectors, IR thermometers, walkie talkies, DVR system with IR cameras, motion detectors, K-2 meters, TriField meters, digital cameras (over 5 megapixels, minimum), audio recorders, hand-held night vision cameras, hard-line microphones, dowsing rods, PC and Mac systems with sound editing softward (i.e. - Audacity, for instance) to analyze audio files, flashlights (of course). We believe the most important piece of equipment a group has is the investigator himself/herself.
Unless evidence is captured on video or audio, it's merely a personal experience that cannot be substantiated. The difficulty with sensitives is that that frequently their other emotional experiences throughout the day can affect their "read."
We not only conduct paranormal investigations, we also offer support for people who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. Instead of just investigating a place, doing a reveal with clients and then being done with that case, we leave the case open and maintain contact with clients for as long as they need our services. We've also worked diligently to inform and educate the general public about what we do and why it matters.
The eclectic nature of the people who are in our group is phenomenal. We have a diversity of backgrounds and religious beliefs (or lack thereof). We approach the paranormal from a rational point of view, rather than a knee-jerk reaction brought about by lack of insight and overstimulation by the media.

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA)SM conducts investigations and research into claims of paranormal phenonmena primarily through the use of scientific methods supplemented by intuitive means.

Our research tools and methods include -- but may not be limited to -- the use of photography, audio/video recordings, environmental monitors and intuitive researchers.

Following an investigation, we analyze the results of the data collected using various computer programs as well as one-on-one personal analysis and corroboration/input from additional experts in the field.

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association (CSPA)SM is a volunteer-only, non-profit group. For more information, or answers to specific questions, please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Please note: C.S.P.A. is not connected with, nor do we support, endorse or agree with, any positions put forth by any other groups or individuals working in the paranormal field. If anyone approaches you and claims we support their hypotheses or theories in relation to the paranormal, we ask that you notify us immediately. Our members are clearly listed on the website. Anyone who claims to be a member, but who is not listed on the site, is therefore not a member of our group and cannot speak for C.S.P.A. In addition, we do not handle cases dealing with cryptozoology and/or UFOs.


Bev & Paul Sninchak, Co-founders and Team Leads

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