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Colorado Springs Paranormal Association Cases

Want a peek into a sample report on a case?

C.S.P.A. has been involved in a number of cases, both outside and inside. We investigate private homes and businesses as well as outdoor venues such as historical sites and cemeteries (public or private with permission).

To get an idea of what we may or may not find on a case, take a look at our sample case summary below. No names or addresses are in this summary. Each client is assigned a case number.


Sample case summary:

Case #08-0113

Private home

Tonight's reveal went very well. We did find one evp on the final videotape of the night -- a man's voice whispering a couple of sentences. We did not get anything else of substance on the audio to present with certainty. The homeowner believes it's her father's voice. We are very excited over this find and they were, too! We are clipping that section out and will share that with everyone at a future meet-up. Who would have thought it would be on the last video tape?

This was at the tail-end of the investigation right after two people heard footsteps (separately, as we were downstairs and she was upstairs).

In summary:

* We took about 500 photographs, many of which had dust orbs or dismissable anomalies; however, we have quite a few of those photographs with orbs that were more solid or worth an additional look -- same with unexplained shadows, particularly the shadow in the laundry room that looked like an animal's head (note that the area where the shadow appeared was in a utility room where the homeowner's sick pet had resided before passing away.

* We did not have a flood of viable EVP phenomena found on the audio recordings, only tidbits of questionable sounds, but no solid EVPs on there.

* The video yielded three pages of notes on possible anomalies, and one notable EVP of a man's voice that, as I mentioned above, sounded like the homeowner's father's voice. We could not determine what he was saying (there were two sentences). However, the homeowner and her brother believe they know what the voice says, part of which is "It's dad." We can't validate this 100 percent ourselves, but this is what the client believes could have been said in the clip.

* We had some marked EMF spikes in a couple of places in the home that were unexplained, which the client witnessed herself. Other EMF spikes were noted, but were explained by electrical or other sources. A large spike from .2 to 19.7 occurred in the client's bathroom off the master bedroom and was witnessed by several people, including the client, but we were unable to duplicate the event and, therefore, have no way to explain the anomaly -- we only know it DID happen and was witnessed by more than one person in the room. There was also a massive EMF spike in the client's closet near some men's pants as well.

* We used the IR thermometer to gauge temperature fluctuations, many of which were due to natural temperature changes; however, we did have some team members who experienced chills or appendages that became colder than other parts of their bodies during personal experiences - some of these temperature changes were validated by the IR thermometer.

* We had four people see/experience an unexplained red light anomaly in the client's downstairs family room. We could not explain or debunk this piece of data, but presented the information to the client.

* We have one clip of less than ten seconds that we took an hour to analyze because it appeared a chair moved of its own accord. After further review, we determined the movement was simply a change in perspective due to movement/positioning of the video camera and, thus, it was an optical illusion. This is an excellent training clip and we'll be showing that one to everyone as well.

* Since we did the investigation, client has noticed light flashes and the smell of cigar smoke in one corner of the upstairs living room/dining area. The smell allegedly did not surface until after we conducted our investigation. Since we haven't experienced this ourselves, this falls under additional reportage by the client that cannot be verified or corroborated.

So, in total, we presented all the results of our data analysis to the client, along with a summarization and explanation for each section above. We left the clients with our business card and instructed them to call us anytime if they wanted a follow-up investigation or if they needed help in the future. We do not have enough tangible evidence to label the house as haunted, but we do believe there is enough to determine that there is possible paranormal activity that may be occurring on a regular basis for this family.

The homeowners wanted to thank all of us for a great job and they were extremely happy with the investigation and the results. So pats on the back for everyone who was at the investigation and who also helped with data analysis.

Case 08-0113 is in the books and closed and the clients are happy with the job all of us did. Everyone's contributions are much-appreciated!

Submitted by: Bev Sninchak, C.S.P.A. Team Lead

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