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All C.S.P.A. clients are required to read, sign and date the following Client Guidelines sheet prior to any investigation.

* These guidelines are not to be copied and/or used by any other individuals or groups without the express written consent of C.S.P.A.*

Colorado Springs Paranormal Association

Client Guidelines

Having a paranormal investigation at your home/business is exciting, intriguing, and even a bit strange at times.  We know that as a client you can get very excited and want to tell everyone about the investigation.  However, out of respect for what we do as a group, there are certain guidelines we would appreciate you following while we are in your home/business.  We ask that you follow these guidelines so that we may give you the best and most professional results possible during our time spent in your home/business.  The guidelines are as follows:

  1. No guests, without prior knowledge, should be in the home/business during the investigation.  We have built up a rapport with the homeowner/business owner and do not want others coming in that we do not know, disturbing our equipment, going through our stuff, or contaminating our evidence.
  2. We would prefer that no drugs or alcohol are used during the time period we are in your home/business.  We need a clean and safe environment for our investigators to do their jobs!  Being in an environment with drugs and alcohol is not conducive to what we do as a group.
  3. If at all possible, pets need to be locked up, out of the house, or gone during the time we are investigating your home.  If this is not possible, please notify us ahead of time so that we may inform everyone on the investigation team.
  4. Homeowners/Business Owners present at the time of the investigation need to stay with a member of CSPA or remain in a specific area of the home/business at all times.  We do that so we can conduct a thorough, clean, and scientific investigation without contamination or tampering.
  5. During investigations, we ask that you do not whisper, sing, or shout, as this can contaminate our evidence, causing us to receive a false positive.  If we are doing EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) work and we hear a whisper and we do not know it came from a group member or the homeowner/business owner, we may think it is a spirit or EVP, when in reality, it is a false positive.
  6. If you need to enter a room in which our investigators are present, please announce yourself by simply stating “This is _______, entering the room.”  The same goes if you trip, cough, sneeze, laugh, etc.  Again, this is to prevent false positives.
  7. Please don’t touch, tamper, or move our equipment without first telling someone on the team.  When we come into your home/business to investigate, we make every effort to not disturb your items, furniture, etc.  We try to be non-invasive as possible and we ask that you show us the same respect.
  8. Last but not least, please feel free to ask questions, walk around the home with us, and learn from what we are doing!  We are trying to help YOU and make you feel comfortable, get answers, and learn from this experience.  We enjoy it when the homeowner/business owner gets excited about the investigation and wants to learn about our techniques and procedures.  So don’t be afraid to interact with us in a respectable manner!

Please sign and date below, stating that you understand, agree, and will follow our client guidelines listed in the above statements.  If at any time during our investigation we feel unsafe, uncomfortable, or feel there is tampering or contamination intentionally being done, we have the right to leave and discontinue the investigation without any notice to the client.


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