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Colorado Springs Paranormal Association FAQs

Welcome to the C.S.P.A. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Page. We've posted some of the most commonly asked questions we receive from the public - and from our clients - on this page. If you don't see your question answered here, feel free to e-mail us at scribequill@gmail.com with QUESTION in the subject line of your e-mail and we'll be glad to address your query either through private e-mail or on this page.

* We are at capacity and are not accepting members at this time.

* Our members-only monthly meetings are held the 1st Saturday of each month in Colorado Springs.

* We do not perform outside investigations in questionable weather for obvious reasons: data is easily corrupted by adverse weather conditions!

* We are primarily a research group. We collect and analyze data. In addition, we offer assistance and reassurance to those in need who may be experiencing paranormal activity.

* We conduct investigations wherever needed: in private homes, businesses, organizational structures and in outside venues (weather permitting).

* We DO conduct research in cemeteries and ruins, but only in approved public venues and only in private areas with permission.

* We do not allow non-C.S.P.A. members or the general public to accompany us on investigations, unless they are a recognized expert or associate investigator has been called in to assist us.

* We do not allow members who are under 18 to join C.S.P.A. without parental consent, written approval and parental chaperone (parent must be a member).

* We investigate cases within a two-hour radius of Colorado Springs.

* We do offer confidential*, situation-sensitive paranormal investigations for your home or business by our qualified local team.

* We do conduct a professional, on-site investigation of your property, collect/analyze the data and report back to you with our findings for NO CHARGE.

* We never charge a fee for our services. Serious inquiries ONLY, please!

* Please note that our telephone system logs all incoming calls and we do NOT accept (nor appreciate) prank or anonymous telephone calls.

* We do not immediately assume there will be paranormal  activity when we begin any investigation.

* To better serve all the residents of our local community, our team members are not members of just one religion. Our members adhere to a variety of belief systems. We have members who are Christian, Buddhist, Taoist, Atheist, Pagan, Agnostic and Jewish. We respect our clients' belief systems and work within that parameter. We do not impose our individual beliefs on our clients.

* Although we do believe there are people who are gifted and who are legitimately sensitive/psychic, we do not consider personal experiences or psychics/sensitives as sole proof of paranormal activity. We rely, first and foremost, on the data we collect with our instruments and equipment. This data is recorded, logged and analyzed .

* Investigations seem like fun to most people, but in reality, much of the time it is tedious work requiring hours of volunteered time. In other words, if you're not passionate about it, you probably shouldn't do it.

* We cannot guarantee we can confirm a haunting or paranormal activity each and every time we set out to do an investigation.

* Paranormal phenomena does NOT happen on cue. If an investigation yields no evidence, that does not mean there isn't activity. It just means we cannot confirm that there was during that certain time period.

* Investigations do not always wrap up with a tidy conclusion in one evening. Sometimes investigations must be ongoing -- that means an investment of days, weeks or months.

Please note: C.S.P.A. is not connected with, nor do we support, endorse or agree with, any positions put forth by any other groups or individuals working in the paranormal field. If anyone approaches you and claims we support their hypotheses or theories in relation to the paranormal, we would ask that you notify us immediately. Our members are clearly listed on the website. Anyone who claims membership, but who is not listed on the website, is not a member and cannot speak for C.S.P.A. In addition, we do not handle cases dealing with cryptozoology and/or UFOs.



This page is always subject to revision. Please bookmark our site and watch for frequent updates and revisions.

Thank you.


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