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Primary C.S.P.A. contacts:

Bev Sninchak
Founder and Team Lead

Paul Sninchak
Co-founder and Team Lead




Colorado Springs Paranormal Association Photographs

Thinking of sending us a photograph? Please read below:

C.S.P.A. **does not** make any determinations via
e-mail -- or otherwise -- about photos taken by third-parties or the
general public.

Since our team's concentration has to do with in-person and on-site
investigations where we can control the environment and variables of
the investigation site, we can in no way make a determination that a
photo or recording is authentically paranormal if none of us were
present and we don't know the variables and/or circumstances behind
the material presented. If we weren't there when a photo was taken or
a video clip was shot, then we can't be 100 percent sure it's
authentic/genuine. Hence, we cannot in any way deem something is
paranormal in that situation.

Therefore, any alleged paranormal photo sent to us, or presented to us, will
be returned with a polite thank you along with a message stating
that we don't make such determinations because of the reasons stated
above. If you believe, however, that you have paranormal activity in your
home or business, feel free to contact us about our FREE investigation services.

Thanks for your understanding,
Bev & Paul
- C.S.P.A. Team Leads


FEATURED PHOTOGRAPH (click to enlarge):

Location: Onaledge Bed & Breakfast, Manitou Springs, CO

Photographer: Bev Sninchak, C.S.P.A. Team Lead


This photo was taken on the night of 2/7/09 at about 10:30 p.m. We were still setting up and I happened to grab my camera and shoot a random photo. If you look at the lower left, behind the chair, you'll see a U-shaped, whitish-gray anomaly  floating in the air behind the chair. We've tried to debunk this photo without success.




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Thank you.


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