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Colorado Springs Paranormal Association Tips

Paranormal investigation tips:

1. To avoid possible scent matrixing, do not wear cologne, perfume or scented body products during paranormal investigations.

2. Never take photographs without first removing the camera strap or firmly looping it around your wrist. Loose or errant camera straps have been the cause of many false positives in paranormal investigation photographs!

3. Avoid whispering, singing, humming or odd vocalizations during investigations.

4. Always bring fresh batteries. It's common to experience battery drainage during manifestations of paranormal activity.

5. NEVER TRESPASS! Always ask permission and heed all No Trespassing signs.

6. Always work as a team. Personality conflicts or interpersonal conflicts have no place in the investigation atmosphere. What's more, negative or conflict-laden relationships can adversely affect conditions and skew results.

7. Always announce yourself as you enter the room or area so those listening to audio recorders during evidence review can identify who is in the room/area at the time and what individual voices sound like on the recorder.

8. NEVER smoke on the premises during the investigation. If you must smoke, it is necessary to leave the immedate area and go to a designated smoking area outside the residence/business. Smoke can cause olfactory and visual anomalies and present false positives during evidence review.

9. Bring fluids to hydrate yourself during investigations. Over the course of the night, your body will become dehydrated and, as a result,may cause you to lose focus and attention.

10. Never investigate alone. Always go in a team of two or more (depending on the size of the investigation spot) for safety's sake. In addition, it's important that any paranormal or unexplained activity be validated by an additional party when it occurs.


Do you have a paranormal investigation tip you'd like to share with us?

Drop us an e-mail at: scribequill@gmail.com with PARANORMAL TIP in the e-mail subject line.



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