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Colorado Springs Paranormal Association Videos

Thinking of sending us a video clip? Please read below:

C.S.P.A. **does not** make any determinations via
e-mail—or otherwise—about videos taken by third-parties or the
general public.

Since our team's concentration has to do with in-person and on-site
investigations where we can control the environment and variables of
the investigation site, we can in no way make a determination that a
video recording contains paranormal activity if none of us were
present and we don't know the variables and/or circumstances behind
the material presented. If we weren't there when a video clip was shot,
then we can't be 100 percent sure it's authentic/genuine.
Hence, we cannot in any way deem something is
paranormal in that situation.

Therefore, any video material sent to us, or presented to us, will
be returned with a polite thank you along with a message stating
that we don't make such determinations because of the reasons stated
above. If you believe, however, that you have paranormal activity in your
home or business, contact us about our FREE investigation services.

Thanks for your understanding,
Bev & Paul—
C.S.P.A. Team Leads



Case ref. #09-0801 - Business in Old Colorado City - unexplained black anomaly.

We could not debunk this black mass/anomaly. We captured this at a business in Old Colorado City. At about the same time, I told another investigator that I felt like something was in the hallway. Ron's Natural TriField meter also picked up on something in the hallway in this area on the shift prior to the one we were on when we captured this on our DVR's camera #3. This occurrred at 11:57:18 p.m.. -- a couple minutes before midnight. Nina, Paul and I were in the room to the left (you can see our flashlight at one point), but there was nobody out in the hallway or in the waiting area, which is back where the black mass peeked out from. The other investigators were in the basement downstairs or in the outer room where the DVR system was.

Case ref. # 08_1207 & #09-0607 - Farside Lounge - ice scoop moving

In this video, you'll see the ice scoop, which is sitting firmly on a mat up against the bar, tumble off the mat. We have tried to debunk this and have failed to do so. My husband, Paul, who is over 200 lbs., took a dead run at the bar (which is sturdy as heck!) and was not even able to get the ice scoop to move at all. Through all our efforts, we were unable to duplicate what happened here with the ice scoop. At this bar several things have been captured moving on video, including a fruit tray lid opening, the ice scoop, a pool stick box moving about 1 1/2 inches and a chair moving on its own.  Based on the evidence we've gathered through two investigations, we have certified this bar, Farside Lounge, as haunted.

Case ref. # 08_1207 & #09-0607- Farside Lounge - fruit tray lid opening by itself

The fruit tray is on top of the dark mat to the upper left of the bar patron. Watch closely: at about 43 seconds, you'll see the lid of the tray OPEN by itself. The patron will turn around because he heard it, and the bar owner, Lorrie, will go to the tray and shut the lid. Our group, C.S.P.A., has designated this bar as haunted. Video and audio (EVPs) have all been captured at the Farside Lounge*, located at Airport and Murray in Colorado Springs, CO.

* These videos used with permission by Farside Lounge and Lorrie J.




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